Audubon Park Historic District
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 Early view of Rhinecleff Court from The World's New York Apartment Album
Rhinecleff Court (788 Riverside Drive)
The magnificent entrance hall is two stories in height, beautifully decorated, and finished in marble and mosaic...The apartments are arranged in suites of four, five, seven, eight or nine unusually large rooms and one to three baths, large foyers and pantries.  With the bedrooms arranged on the front, facing the Drive and 156th  street, also the Grounds of the Hispanic Society, perfect light and ventilation is assured.  The seven and eight room apartments each contain two baths, pantry and large
foyer, all compactly arranged for housekeeping purposes.  These apartments have separate en-trances for servants. There are also two duplex apartments occupying parts of first and second floors on Riverside Drive front, one consisting of nine rooms, three baths and pantry and the other eight rooms, two baths and pantry.  Each has separate, private entrances, vestibules and reception hall and will appeal to those accustomed to a private house.

The dining room walls are solid paneled wainscoting of quartered oak, and mahogany on alternate floors. All the living rooms, halls and chambers are finished in white enamel with mahogany doors.  The bath rooms have tiled walls and floors, porcelain fixtures, show baths, also various smaller fixtures.  The kitchens possess every modern requisite.  Laundry in basment with steam dryers.  Ample closet room has been provided throughout.  Telephone in every apartment Two electric elevators are operated continuously day and night.
Excerpts from The World's New York Apartment Album.