Audubon Park
Vauxhall sits on property once owned by Wellington Clapp, later by George Blake Grinnell. Notice how the Vauxhall's entry court de-emphasizes the main doorway and, at the same time, separates the rectangular section at the right from the curved section on the left, with its bay windows.  More practically, the entry court provides light and ventilation to the apartments that face it, though the trade-off is lessened privacy.  

Now look at the third story, which acts as a transition between the two-story limestone base and the upper floors, its brick and terra cotta frieze complementing the  vertical bands of brick and colored tiles above.  As those bands take your eye upward, you will find differntly-styled balconies on the tenth and eleventh floors and at the roof, instead of a cornice, you see a parapet, its brick and tile expanding the motif that you saw below at the third floor.  Above the first floor, all of the rooms facing the river were designed as bedrooms; the rectangular section of the first floor follows a different floor plan to accommodate the lobby, which is decorated in a Spanish motif.  
Vauxhall (780 Riverside Drive)
August 18, 1935 rental advertisement
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