Audubon Park Historic District
Goya (605 West 156th Street) and Velazquez (611 West 156th Street)
One set of Audubon Park twins: Goya and Velasquez in an original architect's rendering. below.  The Goya sits a few feet lower than the Velasquez due to the slope of 156th Street down towards Riverside Drive.

Once again, you see upper floors rising from a limestone base, in this case, a single floor, topped by a continuous stone balustrade.  Notice the bay windows, the strategically-placed ornamental balconies on the upper floors, the terra cotta at the sixth floor and especially the balconies that swell from the balustrade. 
New York Times August 29, 1909
The lobby to 611 West 156th Street (Velazquez.
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