Tyng Memorial, Trinity Cemetery
Riverside Drive at 155th Street, New York, NY
The coastwise steamer City of Athens of the Savanah Line, bound for Savanah, GA., was rammed by a French warship [name omitted at the request of the French Embassy]* in a dense fog off Cape Romaine, near the Delaware coast shortly after 1 o'clock this morning, sixty-seven lives being lost.  The steel bow of the warship cut through the side of the steamer like paper, making a huge hole which began to fill up at once
...Stephenson Higginson Tynge, one of the marines who was lost, was married on the day the ship sailed, taking him off for service.  He was reported as a resident of New York.  He was a Yale graduate and had attended one of the training schools at Plattsburg.
New York Times
May 2, 1918
*The French Navy cruiser was La Gloire

TYNG. - Lost at sea May 1, 1918, Stephen Higginson Tyng, in his twenty-second year, husband of Elizabeth W. Tyng and only son of Stephen H. and Juliet A. Tyng.  Memorial service private.
New York Times
June 13 1918

Tyng, Stephen H. (accepted 30 April '18): Accepted at RS. New York, N.Y. 1 May transferred to RD. Paris Island, S.C.  Lost May 1, 1918 in shipwrecked Steamer CITY OF ATHENS
Muster Roll of Officers and Enlisted Men of the U. S. Marine Corp

Williams College, Williamstown, Mass., receives a share fixed at $1,402,126 from the estate of Mrs. Juliet A. Tyng, widow of Stephen H. Tyng, former president of the Real Estate Board of New York...Mrs. Tyng left her entire estate, plus surplus income from trust funds, to the college to set up the Stephen H. Tyng and Stephen H. Tyng Jr. Foundation for aid to needy students.
New York Times
June 6, 1942

Inscription at the base of the monument: Stephen H Tyng, Jr., son of Stephen H. Tyng and Juliet Kemp Tyng - Born January 22nd 1897 / Lost at sea May 1, 1918 - In the service of his country 

Nearby is a simple marker for: Elizabeth Wakefield Tyng wife of Stephen H Tyng, Jr. Died May 2nd, 1964.  Apparently, she never remarried.
Photo by STR
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