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And, thank you for visiting. This website, which takes the form of a virtual walking tour, grew out of my interest in the neighborhood where I've lived since 1987, though for my first decade here, I had no idea that my tenth-floor bedroom window looked down on the location of the house where John James Audubon spent the last decade of his life.

In 1997, when my partner and I moved to "the Grinnell" at 800 Riverside Drive, the journey to this website began with the simple question: who or what was "Grinnell"? The answer to that question (which you’ll learn on your walk) generated other questions and over time, the answers formed the fascinating story of a  neighborhood's journey from forest to cityscape. 

In 1999, when I joined a small group of neighbors in seeking historic district status for the buildings in Audubon Park, I developed this website as a way to generate interest in our effort (rewarded in 2009). Since then, I've expanded it with additional information gleaned from my continuing research.

The Audubon Park virtual walk – or, actual walk if you live nearby and visit in person – focuses on Audubon Park’s history from about 1841 to 1915. I’ve included earlier and later details that help complete the picture and occasionally, I’ve included a bit of information just because it tickles my fancy (the sensational Grinnell murder of 1933 is one example.)

If you enjoy what you find here, I encourage you to return as well as to visit my blog: Audubon Park Perspectives

Thank you for visiting!  Please come back often.

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Over the years, I've received queries from many visitors to the site, as well as valuable information to fill gaps in my knowledge of Audubon Park.

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