Audubon Park Historic District
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If New York has a Main Street - one single thoroughfare that reflects its history and foretells its future, that embodies its power and poverty, that has been shaped by its overwhelming commercial and cultural ambitions - that street is Broadway.
David W. Dunlap
On Broadway
The Bloomingdale Road is a continuation of Broadway, taking its rural name at the point where the great city thoroughfare touches the southwestern angle of Central park. It is Broadway run out into the country, in fact, to enjoy a breath of fresh air.
Atlantic Monthly
July 1, 1868 the Boulevard, as upper Broadway was then named, we turned northward.  Over toward the river were rocky wastelands, old shanties and goats.  The skyline along the Boulevard was one of telegraph poles, along bare blocks and rail fences.  I liked the looks of this ungraded district; it was all up-and-down and had ponds in it.
Clarence Day
God and My Father

1911: Broadway at 156th Street, looking south (downtown)

A similar view today
Clilck for a similar view today
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