Gravestone of  Alfred Tennyson Dickens
Trinity Cemetery, Broadway at 155th Street
Alfred Tennyson Dickens, eldest surviving son of Charles Dickens, and godson of his father's intimate friend, Lord Tennyson, died at 5.15 o'clock yesterday afternoon, after a few hours' illness, in his apartment at the Hotel Astor.  Acute indigestion was the cause of death and he died without realizing the seriousness of the attack.
New York Times
January 3, 1912

The body of Alfred Tennyson Dickens...was removed yesterday from the receiving vault in Trinity a grave in a plot donated by the Trinity Corporation.
New York Times
April 13, 1912

The grave of Alfred Tennyson Dickens has been kept green.  A stone has been brought from Rochester Cathedral, England, which is intimately associated with Charles Dickens, and placed in the altar of the Church of the Inter-cession, which stands directly across Broadway.  The stone was consecrated with fitting ceremony a few days ago.  After the ceremony the grave of Alfred Tennyson Dickens was decorated with wreaths sent by chapters of the Dickens Fellowship from all parts of the country.
New York Times
May 28, 1922

Upper Broadway traffic halted last evening just after dusk while about 500 men, women and children caryring lanterns marched over 155th Street, after attending services at the Chapel of the Intercession, to enter Trinity Cemetery, where the throng crowded down the sloping paths of the graveyard to pay homage to the graves of Clement C. Moore, author of " Twas the Night Before Christmas," and Alfred Tennyson Dickens, son of Charles Dickens.
New York Times
December 25, 1931

Mr. Alfred Tennyson Dickens, eldest son of Charles Dickens, will visit the United States in the near future.  He has been in Australia for forty years. While in this country he will lecture, giving recollections of his father.
New York Times
June 10, 1911
It was not until 1935 that a permanent gravestone of Barre, Vermont granite was placed there.  The funds for this stone were contributed by the children of the Church School of the Chapel of the Intercession...the lettering is said to be the same as that on Charles Dickens' grave in Westminster Abbey.

Churchyards of Trinity Parish in the City of New York,
enlarged edition

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